Svetlana Tarnagurskaja

CEO and Co-Founder, The Dot Collective


Svetlana is the CEO and co-founder at The Dot Collective, a fast-growing data and cloud engineering consultancy established in 2021 with an ambition to disrupt the market by combining the engineering expertise in cloud-native technologies with a strong outcome-driven and people-oriented start-up culture. She is also a founder at Data Pipeliner, a start-up in a dev tools space that helps engineering teams to radically accelerate the creation of the cloud data lake infrastructure and data processing code while retaining a full control of the codebase, making high quality data lakes more affordable to everyone.

An experienced and pragmatic practitioner, with experience spanning across data architecture, technical delivery management and product management and a passion for building high-performing teams, these days you can find Svetlana advocating for the importance of data modelling and good engineering practices when it comes to building your data eco-system or in a strategy advisory roles supporting enterprises in unlocking a tangible business value from their data.