Phil Yeoman

Partner and CDO, Cinq


As one of the “Data IQ 100 Most Influential People in Data”, Phil has held senior positions in Advisory Services, Fiduciary Management, Investment Management and Financial Regulation.
His insight into the importance of team dynamics in delivery has been shaped by his experience as a CDO and former Front Line Politician, Ministerial Advisor and Senior Civil Servant.
As a Chief Data Officer with a passion for creativity and storytelling, he has been frustrated by the lack of innovation in the development of the skills needed to be part of a successful team.
Getting data right is a team sport and learning to constantly change, adapt, innovate, think creatively and collaboratively marks the difference between failure and success.
To plug the learning and innovation gap, Phil has turned to the world of online gaming for inspiration.
‘Immersive multiplayer gaming requires and enables the development of a number of skills that directly correlate to the real world.’