Laurent Dresse

Chief Evangelist, DataGalaxy


Laurent Dresse, Chief Evangelist, brings his expert industry knowledge, experience, and determined energy to the table to help solve your company's challenges. Holding a graduate degree in SME Management, Laurent began his career at Stefanini as a Solution Engineer. After six years, he became the Manager of European IT Support at Coca-Cola Enterprises, where he was a key player in establishing state-of-the-art support in manufacturing and office operations. Today, Laurent is Datagalaxy's top evangelist and thought leader, using his market expertise and observations to educate the public on key data governance topics. With over twenty years of experience, Laurent has successfully completed more than 100+ international projects with Ansell, Cognizant, and Bearingpoint and of course, DataGalaxy. Laurent will work effectively with your teams, listen to their ideas and concerns, and implement the necessary changes to make their Data Catalog initiative a great success!