Guy Adams

CTO & Co-Founder, DataOps.Live


Guy Adams is CTO and co-founder at DataOps.live. He is a passionate advocate of #TrueDataOps and the #1 Snowflake Data Superhero globally. He was a founder of the #TrueDataops Philosophy (www.truedataops.org) and author of DataOps for Dummies eBook.

Guy is a multi-award-winning technology leader, architect, lecturer, and world-wide speaker. Passionate about taking key technologies and bringing them to bear to solve real-world problems including Big Data, Microservices, and Containers, Software Defined Networking (SDN) and Network Function Virtualization (NFV), Machine Learning, TrueDataOps (aka true DevOps for data), and true Cloud Native Architecture and Design. 20 years as a technology leader in advanced satellite networks and constellations. Specifically focussing on SDN/NFV and Cloud-Native Architecture creating the architectures that are being used by the world’s biggest telcos. 20 years of Software Development expertise, 10 years of Networking and Cloud expertise introducing the principles of Agile, Lean, and DevOps to development engineers and infrastructure engineers. Co-author of the 2020 DataOps Philosophy - #TrueDataOps (www.truedataops.org) and DataOps for Dummies.