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World's first Citizen DataOps engineered for business users.

Instantly profile, cleanse, engineer, automate, and govern your data for analytics and AI without dependence on the IT or Data Engineers.

Velocity, variety, veracity, and volume of data have exploded over the years. The use of the data has been broadly consistent for the top line or bottom line improvement and compliance. But the complexity of data and operational costs have skyrocketed because of high licence cost for different tools, integration and hard dependence on IT and scarce data resources such as System admins, Data Engineers, and Data Scientists to clean and engineering data.

Every product idea starts with a personal struggle with something. Quantumics.AI founder, Shen Pandi, having worked in the data industry and consulting firms for a decade, found no single SaaS solution in the market to extract value from data with self-servicing capability (ingest, cleanse, engineer, automate, govern with storytelling capability). The need to solve this problem became pressing after working with various clients in different industries who had the same problem;
hence there was a desperate need for a better solution.

To address this problem, we decided to build Quantumics.AI as a self-servicing data platform to enable non-technical business users to extract value from data within hours without depending on the IT and data resources. We are a global team with strategic experience and hands-on expertise from blue-chip firms such as McKinsey & Co, Amazon, EY and startups.

Below is the 2022 seminar guide. 2023 seminars will be released in Summer 2023.