Ellie Technologies

Stand 952


Data Management is is now hotter and cooler than ever before. As we all know, data is the most valuable asset in modern economy. Collaboration between business representatives, IT and data professionals is a must if you ever want to get your data in action.

We firmly believe that conceptual data modeling or business data modeling, as some call it, is by far the best way you to get on with it.

We are a new startup on a mission to reinvent business oriented and conceptual data modelling and bringing it to a whole new level.

Ellie is easy-to-use data modeling has some special features not normally found in data modelling tools.

Many such tools are aimed at analysts with a technical background, this one is more aimed the business aspects of data modeling. It supports a business glossary in which business concepts can be defined. Also, it runs in the cloud allowing multiple analysts to work on the same model in conjunction.

One feature our clients love is that adding new users is extremely easy - now you can share your data models with all relevant people in no time. In another words, Ellie is accessible by all - not just the few IT guys.

It does not create tables, but models can be exported to tools such to generate physical database or Data Vault models. In fact it works like magic if you use Data Vault!!