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At Datactics we're passionate about helping our clients get their data right.
We specialise in user-friendly data quality and matching software to help business teams across financial services and governments to tap into the riches of their data assets.

We've won multiple awards for the software's ease of use and the capabilities and diversity of our delivery specialists who help our clients every step along the way of their data journey.

Clients benefit from the rapid delivery of results that our software delivers, especially in areas such as financial regulation, business intelligence, and what we hear our clients frequently refer to as "the Holy Grail of data management": Single Client View.

Our data matching capabilities are Explainable AI-enhanced, delivering significant process efficiencies to save time, effort and business users the stress of wading through reams of data to find outliers - something that's critical in KYC/AML and client onboarding, for example.

We'd love to talk to you to demonstrate in under an hour how we're helping financial institutions get their data in order and quickly respond to new standards, offering agile data quality and powerful matching capabilities for a vast array of data types including person, reference, entity and instrument data.