Data Virtuality

Stand 939


Data Virtuality offers two products to flexibly solve data integration and management problems in a tailored way that best suits data teams in the fast-paced world of data.

Data Virtuality Platform - Data Virtualization for Flexible Data Architectures
By uniquely combining data virtualization and data replication, Data Virtuality Platform provides data teams the flexibility to always choose the right method for the specific requirement. It is an enabler for Data Fabric and Data Mesh by providing the self-service capabilities and data governance features that are indispensable for these frameworks. Enterprises around the world, such as BSH, PGGM, PartnerRe, Crédit Agricole, and Vontobel use the Data Virtuality Platform to build modern data architectures that meet today’s and tomorrow’s business requirements.

Pipes - Easy and Reliable Data Replication
With Pipes, anyone can build data pipelines from 200+ available sources to a data warehouse with just a few clicks. Fully automated and without any coding. Many businesses from the E-Commerce and Marketplace space, as well as Marketing Agencies choose Pipes to always have fresh data at any time. With Pipes Professional, data teams can additionally build their custom data pipelines with SQL and make use of job dependencies as well as advanced replication types.


Below is the 2022 seminar guide. 2023 seminars will be released in Summer 2023.