Big Data LDN 2023: The 15 Conference Theatres

Big Data LDN 2023: The 15 Conference Theatres

The conference agenda at Big Data LDN 2023 is taking shape, with over 100 seminar sessions now confirmed across 15 content theatres.

Here's what to expect from each theatre:

X-Axis & Y-Axis Keynote Theatres
In 2023 Big Data LDN will be running 2 keynote theatres in parallel at opposing ends of the hall (x-axis and y-axis). Both theatres will be packed with leading subject matter experts presenting the latest intelligence and opinion on the industry’s hottest topics. Previous speakers include Jimmy Wales, Christopher Wylie, Hannah Fry, Matt Parker, Tim Harford, Zhamak Dehghani and Cassie Kozyrkov and this year our Headline Keynote is Astronaut and Stem Ambassador, Tim Peake.

Modern Data Stack Theatre
Many data teams have found their existing legacy data stack unable to manage with the speed and volume of data that they are required to work with. In this theatre we will discover exactly how businesses who have embraced the concept of a modern data stack have improved efficiency, reduced cost and technical debt whilst making their data more accessible to business users.

Data Engineering Theatre
In order for companies to start gaining advantage from practices like Analytics, AI and Machine Learning, they must first ensure that the data they are using is accessible for their data teams. Data Engineering therefore has become a hugely important part of the overall Data function at a company as it tackles the difficult task of sourcing and curating raw data, making it usable for the given job.

AI & MLOps
Businesses across the world have been challenged to make the most of the potential gains on offer from leveraging AI. This theatre explores the increased importance of practices like MLOps where cross-team collaboration and automating as much as possible can lead to increased reliability and consistency from Machine Learning.

Fast Data Theatre
The adoption of modern data streaming platforms is transforming business processes, with real-time data analytics at the forefront. The Fast Data Theatre investigates the increasing velocity of Big Data and explores how traditional “batch” processing is being replaced by event-streaming systems, promising instant data analysis and rapid insight-to-action.

Analytics & Decision Intelligence Theatre
Increasingly, organisations are putting data and analytics insights into the hands of business users, democratising business intelligence and driving adoption across the entire enterprise. This has in no small part been accelerated by a dramatic increase in remote-working caused by the recent pandemic. This theatre will demonstrate how modern analytics software enables business users to access and draw conclusions from corporate data, even without a background in statistical analysis, business intelligence (BI) or data science. It will also cover how to minimise the risk of decision makers using data the wrong way and which environments prove to be most suitable.

Data Governance Theatre
Many businesses find that in the early stages of Data Transformation, data quality and security issues undermine the gains promised by the data revolution. This theatre provides best practice, tips and advice from a wide range of experts and highlights the common mistakes that businesses make when governing, managing and securing data. In 2023 it will also cover the significance of recent and upcoming changes to relevant data regulations around the world.

Customer Data & Privacy Theatre
Customer use-cases are traditionally the biggest drivers for investment in modernising data systems. But which approaches get the best results? With huge amounts of data being created, stored and analysed, both businesses and the public sector have significant opportunities to drive engagement and improve products and services through Customer analytics. It does, however, remain essential that while your customers trust you with their data, you continue to uphold the highest standards of privacy and security.

DataOps & Data Observability Theatre
DataOps and Data Observability are the engine rooms of data-driven organisations, providing essential hubs and methods for data professionals to successfully deliver on their jobs. This theatre examines the tools and techniques required to collect, distribute, validate and control data. If data is indeed the new oil, then DataOps and Data Observability ensures it can be extracted and refined in the form of usable data to fuel business functions across an organisation.

Data Mesh & Data Fabric Theatre
Data Mesh is a set of new approaches which aims to remove the challenges of data availability and accessibility at scale. Data Mesh effectively decentralises data ownership to domain specific teams to manage and own their data.
This theatre will be centred around the technology, processes, business culture and skills required to successfully adopt Data Mesh principles.

Data Strategy Theatre
An effective data strategy allows a business to successfully manage the people, policies and culture around its data. In this theatre we will cover the importance of aligning your business strategy with your data strategy and offer practical advice on how to improve data maturity within your organisation.

*NEW* Gen AI & Data Science Theatre
No longer consigned to the realm of Science Fiction, AI is being used by companies of all sizes to optimise their business processes and enhance their products. Data Science teams face the challenge of making AI work for their business and show returns from years of investment in technology.
While there has been huge amounts of coverage of increasingly popular Gen AI products such as ChatGPT and Bard, Data Science plays a crucial role in the development and training of these systems and will continue to be at the forefront of where Gen AI goes next.

*NEW* Analytics & Storytelling Theatre
As businesses continue to use large volumes of data from increasingly varied sources, the results of these analyses can often be complex and difficult to interpret. This theatre will look at how companies uncover patterns and insights to inform business decisions and how to explain them in a way meaningful to business stakeholders and decision makers.

*NEW* Teams & Talent Theatre
Many of the key issues facing businesses who aspire to be data-driven cannot be solved purely with technology. In addition to this many companies complain of a shortage of talent available to help run important aspects of their data function. This theatre will contain real-world examples of how businesses have addressed finding and retaining talent in a challenging landscape. It will also explore the factors you need to consider when building and running an outstanding modern data team, such as Diversity & Inclusion, creating a positive Data Culture and promoting Data Literacy.

BIG DATA LDN 2023 takes place from20-21 September.

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