Introducing AnalyticsOps at Big Data LDN

Introducing AnalyticsOps at Big Data LDN

Today, DataOps is a well-established framework to address data governance issues, but lack of trust in the Data Analytics layer is still a big problem for many organizations. Analytics has taken a critical place within companies, in particular for financial or regulatory reporting with strategic decisions being made on Data Analytics. With the rise of self-service BI and automation, how can leaders be sure their dashboards and reports are 100% accurate to make the most data-driven decisions? To put it simply, they can’t. Organizations need AnalyticsOps, and that's why Wiiisdom, a company specializing in BI test automation and governance workflow optimization, is essential for building user confidence and minimizing the risks associated with data consumption in the decision-making process.

Wiiisdom solutions allow organizations to automate BI tests and Analytics governance workflows to minimize errors, inaccuracies, and performance problems. By establishing business and technical rules, organizations can efficiently validate the quality of their BI reporting. Compliance with standards and regulations is also crucial to your BI domain. Wiiisdom solutions can help ensure that sensitive data is tested and monitored in line with current regulatory requirements. This can help avoid the risks of non-compliance and the penalties associated with it.

Automating your BI testing and governance workflows also helps unify different teams across an organization (IT team, Data team, and the C-Levels and Line of Business). Putting in place a continuous testing process requires these teams to communicate and collaborate together reducing silos in order to establish a lasting data culture. The reality of automated testing and trusted Analytics is all within reach thanks to AnalyticsOps!

To discover more about Wiiisdom, come by booth no. 844 during Big Data LDN 2023!

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