Marion Shaw

Head of Data & Analytics


Marion is an experienced data professional and specialises in the creation of data functions, increasing data maturity & creating value from data.
As a Lean Six Sigma Black Belt she adapts the concepts and processes and repurposes for the world of data.

I spent the first 27 years of my career working in the localisation industry which is the translation of software, documentation, and related material into foreign languages. As part of this, I have been a software engineer/tester, a project manager, an account manager, a public sector tender writer, process improver, and a data expert. When you manage software translation into 72 languages on a tight deadline and the software is still in development you get really good at multi-tasking, time management and people management.

By far the most engaging, complicated, and worthwhile roles that she has worked in, have been in data. Her experience in multiple roles on complex projects has provided the experience and foundation which has underpinned her data career. She has the advantage of multiple viewpoints across a global company which has provided her with a unique insight into how data integrates cross-division, cross-border, and cross-industry. This has provided excellent logic and problem-solving skills which are invaluable.

She joined the Chaucer Group, (a specialty reinsurance group) in 2022 as Head of Data & Analytics. Since joining, she has had the pleasure of working with all parts of the business, listening to, supporting, and learning from them. She is a huge advocate of data first thinking, particularly in the current climate where data is everywhere. She is focusing on Data Culture initiatives using interactive methods to showcase the potential of data. Her latest creation is an escape room like experience around the Data Value Chain.

She says that
“People are sharing data all the time, sometimes unknowingly and everyone should understand what data they have, share and give-away. We all need to be data savvy. I believe every single person in the organisation has a role to play in entering, managing, and using data. My team works with the business to support them and enable them to find, use and analyse data to support them to make better decisions.”

She wants all women/ girls to believe in themselves and shoot for the moon. They all have everything they need inside them to succeed they just need to believe in themselves.