Jay Kotecha

Senior Data Scientist


Recruited as Huel’s first data professional in 2019, I now lead the data team for this popular UK vegan meal replacement brand in the role of senior data scientist. During my tenure, I have designed and evolved Huel’s modern data stack and team to increase Huel’s use of data and accelerate smart decision making.

The journey started with introducing the Snowflake data warehouse and Tableau for analytics. Since then, I’ve continued to evolve and grow the stack to include dbt, Fivetran, DataRobot, Snowflake, and Thoughtspot analytics, supported by a data team of three analysts, and a data engineer. Before Huel, I worked as a commercial planner for Marks & Spencer after earning my undergraduate degree in Maths and Economics at the University of Leeds. In 2020 I was awarded “Analyst of the Year” in Computing’s Rising Star Awards and shortlisted for “Rising Star of the Year” in the SME category.