David Reed

Chief Knowledge Officer and Evangelist


David Reed is a professional, skilled communicator with deep domain knowledge of data and analytics.

His career has followed the evolution of data’s use as a corporate asset, from the rapid growth of direct marketing in the late 1980s through the 1990s, via CRM and one-to-one marketing, through the arrival of digital and mobile channels and into the world of big data, AI and machine learning.

In 2005, he pioneered journalism about the role of data and analytics in business before joining DataIQ in 2011 where he has continued to advocate, innovate and educate the data community.

In 2021, he published “Becoming Data Literate”, a game-changing book on how to ensure data becomes embedded in the culture of organisations.

At DataIQ as chief knowledge officer and evangelist, he works with leading brands to help them adopt a data literacy framework and drive value from their data assets, people and processes.