Adi Polak

VP Developer Experience, LakeFS


As Vice President of Developer Experience at Treeverse, Adi builds the open-source project lakeFS, git-like operations for data lakes. In her work, she brings her vast industry research and engineering experience to bear in educating and helping teams design, architect, and build cost-effective data systems and machine learning pipelines that emphasize scalability, expertise, application lifecycle processes, team processes, and business goals. Adi is a frequent worldwide presenter, instructor, and the author of O'Reilly's upcoming book, "Machine Learning With Apache Spark." Previously, she was a senior manager for Azure at Microsoft, where she focused on building advanced analytics systems and modern architectures. When Adi isn’t building data pipelines or thinking up new software architecture, you can find her on the local cultural scene or at the beach.

Below is the 2022 seminar guide. 2023 seminars will be released in Summer 2023.