Data: The key to brand loyalty via seamlessly personalised customer experience

Wherever you look, the consumer market is highly competitive: customers are strongly influenced by their experience with a brand, and as such their expectations of a seamless, personalised buying journey are higher than ever. On every step in the customer journey, companies collect data, but what stories do those data tell about their behaviour, experience and trust? How much value can you add to a buying experience through data? Are you able to predict, or even anticipate your customers’ needs? Can you use data to inspire loyalty in your customers?

In this webinar, Neill Brookman will discuss from a technical perspective how businesses can use all their data sources to :

-Build a unique, 360° view of each customer
-Cultivate trust and continued brand loyalty through real-time personalisation
-Optimise conversion and reduce churn by understanding and anticipating customer needs
-Add value to both brand and customer in every interaction

Speakers: Neill Brookman, Director of Solutions Engineering, Treasure Data | Andy Steed, Big Data LDN

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