Blueprint Series: Architecture Patterns for Implementing Serverless Microservices & Stream Processing

Join Richard who will talk about how the data science team at JustGiving built KOALA, a fully serverless stack for real-time web analytics capture, stream processing, metrics API, and storage service, supporting live data at scale from over 26M users. He will discuss recent advances in serverless computing, and how you can implement traditionally container-based microservice patterns using serverless-based architectures instead. Deploying Serverless in your organisation can dramatically increase the delivery speed, productivity and flexibility of the development team, while reducing the overall running, DevOps and maintenance costs.

Speaker: Richard Freeman, PhD Lead Data & Machine Learning Engineer, Data Science Team at JustGiving.

Filmed at Skills Matter/Code Node London on 14th March 2019 as part of the Big Data LDN Meetup Blueprint Series.

Meetup sponsored by Eden Smith

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