Blueprint Series: A Platform for Freedom & Governance in the Cloud

Any enterprise seeking to create value from data has two conflicting and divergent objectives. On the one hand, cohorts of users and developers need to access data from multiple sources, to create analytics, dashboards, reports and apps. On the other hand, a responsible enterprise must secure, govern and define data in order that users only see what they are permitted to see. In a perfect world, such a system would also deliver nirvana in data terms – the single version of the truth. In this presentation Nick Barth points out the pitfalls of lack of governance, and how governance can be an enabler to deliver a more intelligent enterprise.

Speaker: Nick Barth, Senior Sales Engineer, MicroStrategy

Filmed at Skills Matter/Code Node London on 11th April 2019 as part of the Big Data LDN Meetup Blueprint Series.

Meetup sponsored by MicroStrategy.

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