Provalis Research

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Provalis Research is the worlds leading developer of text analytics solutions such as WordStat, a powerful software for computer-assisted content analysis and text mining, and QDA Miner, an innovative mixed-methods qualitative data analysis software. More than 6000 organizations around the globe use WordStat and QDA Miner to quickly extract meaning and classify large amounts of unstructured text data thanks to its AI-based technology. Companies such as Amazon, General Electric, Southwest Airlines, Gallup, and Choice Hotels use Provalis Research Text Analytics Software. The use cases are many including customer feedback analysis, social media analysis, incident reports analysis, insurance claims analysis, news reports analysis, and more.

To discuss our software features, pricing, and how it can be a good fit for your business, chat with one of our representatives or contact us by email or phone: sales@provalisresearch.com or +1-514-899-1672 ext 503.

For more information about our text analytics tools, you can visit our website: www.provalisresearch.com